It's pretty simple.

  • We use humane teaching methods because we can get the same result using the carrot, not the stick.

Why would you do it any other way?

  • We are committed to dogs and their people having fun.
  • We will not shock, hurt, choke, or scare your dog.

Dogs are good at connecting the dots, let's show them what to do, instead of what not to do.



We can help you with:

• Manners
• Obedience
• Your fearful dog
• Your brand new puppy
• Management tools to enhance your life with your dog

How will we do it?

• We change behaviors using science-based, force-free training.
• Our techniques come from our knowledge of animal learning theory.
• We find what motivates your dog using food, toys, games, pats and praise.
• We create an organized, step-by-step training plan to get you desired results.


However, maybe behaviors don't need changing?

No problem, we can help you manage your lifestyle to create a harmonious relationship with your dog.